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Rosarito Sandy Beaches with Kanoa & James

Rosarito Sandy Beaches with Kanoa & James

Kanoa and James talks about Sandy Beaches in Rosarito

Rosarito has a lot of wonderful things to offers, one of these things are the beautiful sandy beaches. People who want to live here want to be on a home or condo with a sandy beach or live the experience of beach activities to have fun and discover the emotions of Baja. Our best recommendation of one of the best sandy beaches you’re gonna find right in the middle of Rosarito are in La Jolla, one of the most exclusive developments down here and obviously on the Rosarito Downtown. In those beaches, you will get walking on the sand, feel the fresh water on your feet, get relaxed and then you can go around to find places where you can eat and shop.

Sandy Beaches in South Rosarito

In places like La Jolla Real, La Jolla del Mar, and La Jolla Excellence, the beaches are privates, which means that you can get relaxed by yourself and hear the sound of the waves crashing each other. Also you will find Calafia and Las Olas, those places don’t have a lot of sandy beaches, what they do have is really nice views, cliffside living and a lot of great amenities.

Club Marena Sandy BeachIf you keep going south, you’re gonna hit Club Marena, have some sand on different times of the year, the famous K38 the best place where you will find amazing waves for surfers. Club Marena and Seahouz shares this private beach access, besides the wonderful ocean views.

There’s another beautiful place south side in Rosarito, called, Palacio del Mar, a luxurious resort and you will be able to live in a place that offers an oceanfront living experience and see the most stunning sunset views. If you want more of a private experience, we highly recommended Palacio del Mar.

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