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Rosarito Film Industry with Gustavo Torres

This time, we have an interview with Gustavo Torres, a person who is committed with our city and in the improvement and helping Rosarito do better.

In the interview, Gustavo talked about the film industry, a big deal for Rosarito Beach with great benefits to the local people.

Baja Films Entertainment

Is mostly a facilitator and help the American producers come over here and find locations, accommodations, and people to work with everything with cameras with extra personnel and payroll companies. If somebody is thinking about coming and doing a film project, they would contact Gustavo.

Titanic was one of the first movies filmed in Rosarito and because of that, Fox Movies invested millions of dollars in Real Estate, so they got a huge oceanfront land where Baja Studios were created, bringing the spotlights to film in our town.

One of the benefits of having a great film studio in town is the facility to have the equipment ready to use. One of the complications on crossing equipment from the U.S. was that every they crossed the Mexican Border, they wanted to charge them like import fees, but now with a letter from the State Government of Tourism, they can prove that is for a production because they’re not only bringing it down here temporarily, they do not bring them down here to sell the equipment.

Producing Movies in Baja

Producers say that we have a 30% cheaper than doing it in a

state in the United States so, this is a great opportunity to put Rosarito Beach on the map for big productions. We can find the perfect locations with great ocean views, perfect weather and amazing and talented people to work with. Most of the locations are either free or very inexpensive and very easy to get only one day or one phone call can secure a location and help to facilitate the permits done and finding everything they need to be able to operate.

Benefits for the People of Rosarito

The local people can get the opportunity to get a job in a fun environment and besides they can get training every time, they can do a better job working with big producers. One other thing that benefits Rosarito, is the chance of rising the tourism come here and stay in our hotels, eat in our Restaurants and spend time in or Town, so they can invite other people to visit Rosarito Beach and know the things our town is offering.

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