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RMR System Therapy with Claudia Pierce

Claudia Pierce talked about the RMR System Therapy

The name of the Therapy that Claudia offers is RMR system for well-being and self-healing, this is because of the three basic therapies she put together and those therapies are reflexology, mindfulness and Reiki. This is a completely natural non-invasive treatment to work on your body, your mind and your energy.

What involves in this therapy?

Basically, if you are my patient, we would start by talking of course, I need to understand what issues you’re going through because in life you know there are certain times that we are facing different things in our lives so this way that can direct the therapy and is more beneficial for you, so we talk for a while and then after that, we move on to the session itself that takes place with you on a massage table, we have some very nice healing music in the background and we start by me guiding a mindfulness meditation. It can be a little challenging or I want to say interesting and eye-opening for people who have never experienced anything like this because of the whole point of this part is for you to be engaged in your own healing process, then I move on to the reflexology part and this takes around 40 minutes and I like to start with the feet because you know it is super relaxing and reflexology wise feet are so powerful.

What is reflexology?

Is a special technique that you apply a certain pressure that you apply on different parts of your feet, hands or outer ears and it stimulates all the nervous connections inside of our bodies to affect other distant organs. I’ve found is that it is really powerful to be a completely natural treatment it brings a lot.

It is a challenge and to me, I think about this like very intimate appointment with yourself because there’s nothing to do, there’s nothing to think about there’s nothing to worry at that very moment and it’s an hour that you give to yourself, it’s a gift for yourself I like to see it like that, but it is a process just start letting go and just to start to release yourself from the present moment and it takes practice and it takes is an effort.

Who will be the best person to take this service?

Everybody who is out there breathing right now at this moment and who is alive is a perfect candidate for this because it is so good for stress and stress I think that with stress I encompass a lot, it is good for people with depression, with Anxiety, chronic pain, migraine, insomnia. And the most amazing part of the session, the part that I enjoy the most is after when you’re working with your mind and you’re all relaxed and 40 minutes have gone by and then we move on to my favourite part which is self-killing visualization.

Then I do my energy work on you and this is where everything clicks and everything comes comes together.

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