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Second Saturday Event with Karen Pruett

Second Saturday at Del Valle Cafe

Karen Pruett talked to Kanoa about this event in La Mision.

Right now we’ve been promoting a lot of events as we want people to come down here and have a good time. We’re trying to get all the people to know that we’re organizing all of the information on this website.

So, today we are talking about an event that is recurring only the second Saturday of every month in Puerta del Valle, which is at kilometer 62.5 on the free Road just past La Fonda, so if you’re on the toll road you got to get off at La Fonda.

In the Second Saturday Event, you will find live music bands, local artisans, drinks, food and crafts around three o’clock.

Every local business has the chance to be in that event, so they can offer their products and services, so the Second Saturday event is great to have fun, dance and eat local food.

In this event, you will be able to meet a lot of Americans, which is kind of a real neighborhood crossover-type event.

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