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Colectivo Surf Brewing Sushi Pub Restaurant

Colectivo Surf Brewing Sushi Pub Restaurant

We get about 30 to 50,000 people a month that hit our websites and social media accounts like Facebook and YouTube and all of our blogs and a lot of them are new to the area and so we wanted to put out a series of videos that help people understand and navigate Rosarito better and one of the things that are obviously one of our favorite topics is the restaurants in Rosarito beach, one of Kanoa’s favorite places to eat especially because it’s right by our office it’s the Colectivo sushi surf Brewing pub (try to say that 10 times fast!)

This place is really cool, it’s got a very surf vibe to it and the food is amazing which is really important when you go in there and you read the menu right off the bat they talk about how they use all organic ingredients and how they source most of their food locally, they get their fish from the local places, which is awesome.

And you can really tell that when you’re eating their dishes and we all love to eat at places where you can tell they’re using good quality ingredients and this is definitely one of those places.

During his visit, Kanoa noticed that they put some vegan items on the menu and he decided to try them because like everybody else he’s trying to get healthy and make some better food choices, obviously they have all kinds of items on the menu that aren’t as vegan, they’ve got a lot of other great items and hopefully you’ll come in here and try them all.

One of the other things that they are very famous for is they’ve got a lot of beer options, we’re not gonna go into that in this video because it would take up way too much time going through all the beer options that they have but we’ll do a video for that in the future, but our suggestion is come down here and start sampling some of their beer choices, we’re really happy to have a place like this as an option to eat in Rosarito Beach and we hope if you haven’t been there yet that you go and give them a try we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

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