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Interview With Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agents Darrell Graham & Gordon Brown

In this Video Kanoa interviews Darrell Graham & Gordon Brown, they shared their story and the reasons why living in Rosarito Beach is your best option!

Darrell Graham & Gordon Brown are both Real Estate Agents working for in the Rosarito Beach Area. In the past they served as policemen in the U.S. and after a life of duty and hard work each one decided to retire and move to Rosarito.

Darrell Graham shares the first impressions he had when he came to Rosarito Beach and became a Real Estate Agent, and how his old life as a policeman helps him create bonds with his clients. 

Gordon Brown started coming to Baja 7 years ago. He initially went to San Felipe, but he later decided to buy a property here in Rosarito Beach and later decided to become a Real Estate Agent. Gordon also shares some information about “Xpedition Off-Road” a project that he got involved with out of his passion for off road adventures. 

Both Darrell and Gordon have adapted very well to Rosarito’s lifestyle, they form a good Real Estate team and they are always ready to attend any costumer that needs help with any Real Estate related problem.

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