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Important Health Information for Rosarito Beach Residents with Kanoa & Dr. Ceja

In this video, they discuss:

01:20 – Dr. Manuel Ceja introduction
11:26 – Graphics regarding COVID-19 Cases in Mexico and Baja
18:47 – Supporting our community
24:57 – The Importance of Face Coverings 

Kanoa and Lui had a conversation with Dr. Manuel Ceja, our favorite Rosarito Beach doctor, who shared important information regarding the situation of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) from official sources in Mexico and explained them in English to keep our Foreigner community up to date.

They also talk about working together in order to keep the number of cases low, and what it would take to have our city back in business and as healthy as possible. Lastly, they also encourage our community to get involved by donating medical supplies to the different organizations and associations in Rosarito, all with the intention to support our community. 

Dr. Manuel Ceja’s contact information:

We want to encourage our city to keep calm, take all the actions to stay healthy, and get information from the proper sources, such as health institutions or doctors.

Thankfully, there are some companies that are using their technology to innovate in epidemic supplies, like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who is developing one-piece plastic face shields for coronavirus medics: 

Click here to find out more about plastics face shields from MIT

We hope all this situation ends soon, let’s do our part by taking care of ourselves and our family and following good practices such as social distancing, wearing gloves and masks, avoid touching our face when we are out in public, and washing our hands constantly. 

We hope everyone stays safe, positive, healthy, and more importantly, stay home!

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