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Kanoa Interviews Dr Ceja on How to Stay Safe in Rosarito During Coronavirus Outbreak

Kanoa interviews Dr. Manuel Ceja, a Rosarito Beach doctor that shares important up-to-date information regarding the situation of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) for Foreigners living in the Rosarito Beach Area.

Here are the questions we asked Dr. Manuel: 

    1. 01:39 – Where is Dr. Manuel Ceja (Kinesys) located, and how do you contact him? 
    2. 03:13 – If you ended up getting sick right now? What is the best protocol to follow? 
    3. 05:42 – Who would a person call if they have a situation? A doctor, redcross, or 911?
    4. 07:40 – What can people do to be prepared in case the emergency people show up? 
    5. 08:29 – Should people have a list of pre-existing conditions and medication they’re taking, translated into Spanish? 
    6. 12:31 – Is there any testing being performed in Rosarito, if so, how much does it cost? 
    7. 14:28 – Do you believe that there aren’t any confirmed cases in Rosarito? 
    8. 17:25 – Should we be expecting the worst during April? 
    9. 18:55 – What are the actions we should take if we go out on public? 
    10. 21:30 – Should mask be required by the government?
    11. 26:03 – What are the recommendations of the new behaviors that we should practice? 
    12. 28:00 – How do you create your own sanitizer Dr.?
    13. 28:35 – Should you clean the groceries when you go out shopping? 
    14. 29:33 – How long should we expect to live like this? 
    15. 31:40 – Who is at risk? 
    16. 32:18 – Is boosting your immune system important? 
    17. 33:53 – Is traveling to the U.S. recommended?

Now more than ever we’re encouraging people to Stay Home to help yourself stay safe and the safety of others.

The World Health Organization is providing advice to help you and your family be healthy at home, with tips on staying physically active, looking after our mental health, quitting tobacco and healthy parenting.

Dr. Manuel Ceja

+52 (661) 100-6334

Buying or Selling in the Rosarito Beach Area? Call Us!

1 (760) 203-2227 | U.S.

52 (661) 688-1222 | MX

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