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How Food Can Act As Medicine - With Rosarito Beach Chef Aldo Arias

Kanoa talks With Chef Aldo Arias about the importance of eating healthy food and myths about coffee

Chef Aldo is an expert in Healthy food, he worked for 5 years in Sanoviv, a medical institute in Rosarito Beach specialized in using diet for healing.

Food has a very big impact on our lives. There are a lot of diet-related diseases like Diabetes, Obesity and various types of Cancer that can affect us severely and even kill us. In the same way, a good diet can have the opposite effect and heal us.

Having a balanced diet is the best way to be healthy, there are several ways to accomplish this, one of them is the color balance: There are different colors of food, and each color has its own properties that will help your body, balancing this colors means you give your body a more complete nourishment.

Coffee is a very controversial food in the nutrition world, some people see it as harmful and addictive. But Chef Aldo things this is all thanks to lots of myths. In his experience, coffee can be very healthy if used correctly, organic coffee can help you clean your digestive system for example.

Chef Aldo has learned that coffee bought in stores is bad for our health, because once you roast or blend it, coffee starts to decompose, and by the time it gets to us, it already lost a lot of its good qualities.

Fortunately, there are good coffee shops in Rosarito Beach like Monociclo Libros & Cafe, that serve good quality organic coffee that you can enjoy without the fear of affecting your health. We recommend you to check them all in the next link.

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