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Healing Touch Massages - Interview With Susana Calvillo

Luis Soriano talks with Susana Calvillo about Healing Touch, her massage services business from Rosarito


Healing Touch Massages by Susana Calvillo offers a wide variety of wellness and cosmetology services to all the Rosarito Beach Area.

Susana came from Michoacan to Rosarito 8 years ago, thanks to her mother in law. She liked how calm it is, the weather, and the beaches, which is very different form where she came.

Healing Touch offers services like 

  • Massages

  • Facials

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Body Wraps

  • Body scrubs

Susana is specialized in massages, which are body therapies to help mitigate muscle pain, contractures, headaches, stress, and a lot od diseases.

She studied for 2 years and got a certificate with Proffesor Angeles Leal, and has been practicing for 6 years now since then. Her services can be used by almost everyone, from babies to children, adults, and seniors.

And she provides them at home, she takes all the equipment needed to their client’s house, which helps a lot of her clients since it makes everything easier and free of stress, specially for those who can’t move well.

There are several types of Massages too, like the Sweddish massage for relaxation and the deep pressure massage which is a therapeutic massage used to eliminate contractures, in addition there are the prenatal massage and even sport massage for people that has injuries or just need to relax their bodies.

In conclusion you want to make an appointment with her you can call her at 664 596 5161 or just follow the link below for more contact information.

Buying or Selling in the Rosarito Beach Area? Call Us!

1 (760) 203-2227 | U.S.

52 (661) 688-1222 | MX

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