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What Happens When A Loved One Dies in Rosarito Beach Mexico?

In the last meeting with F.R.A.O. (Foreign Residents Attention Office) they invited Grupo Funerario Santana, a funeral home, to talk about what happens when a loved one dies in Rosarito Beach Mexico.

April 2019 FRAO‘s meeting hosted by Alexander Magnumm presented Grupo Funerario Santana who provided vital information regarding the process that family members will have to follow when their loved one dies while living in Rosarito Beach Mexico.

Some of the most important questions are described below, we are providing you with the topics that we believe are most relevant, however we invite you to watch the whole video in case you need more specific information.


04:00 – Start of presentation

07:08 – What to do if your loved one passed away in Mexico?

16:04 – What happens if they don’t have relatives in the U.S.?

19:15 – Do the documents need to be translated?

20:15 – How does cremation work in Mexico?

22:16 – Does the family member need a birth certificate?

23:04 –  Does the birth certificate need an apostille?

28:34 – Does the family member need to have a power of attorney?

34:10 – Can a person that is not legally married claim their partner’s body?

36:00 – What is considered a natural cause of death in Mexico?

38:09 – What if the person has no record of relatives?

42:31 – Can a foreigner be buried next to their loved one?

Individual topics on dying in Rosarito Beach:

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