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Whale Watching Experience with Ron & Aury

Ron and Aury Baja Adventures

Well, it seems that Ron and Aury had a great time down there and this time, they shared to us this incredible adventure they had with their kids, a whale watching experience in Guerrero Negro, Baja California!


Have you ever been to Guerrero Negro? Would you like to know more about this interesting place in Baja California Sur?


Guerrero Negro is in South Baja California, located on the 38th parallel of the northern hemisphere, which separates the two Mexican states that share the peninsula of Baja California.


There are so many things to do in Guerrero Negro, such as, hiking, diving, fishing, exploring the caves with prehistoric paintings and the most exciting adventure is taking the whale watching tour.


The gray whale travels kilometers from Alaska to Baja California looking for warm waters where they look for a mate and give birth to their young. If you are passing through this tourist place during the first three months of the year, take the opportunity to take a tour and enjoy these majestic mammals, as Ron and Aury did.

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