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Uber Eats Comes to Rosarito Beach! Hurray!

Kanoa and Luis share with us the great news that as of April 7th, UBER Eats is available in Rosarito Beach!

We’re excited to learn that this service is now available in Rosarito Beach. With so much controversy around the transportation platforms like UBER in Rosarito, it comes as a surprise that the food delivery platform from the same company is now available in our area. 

The state government, in light of the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), said that the arrival of Uber Eats to Rosarito Beach comes to join the actions such as the “Yo Consumo Local” campaign, which seeks to support and promote the restaurant sector and the population itself.

These type of platforms allows the restaurants to continue to stay in business and allows people to self-employ themselves by becoming delivery members of this app. 

Click here to download the Uber Eats app

Click here to sign up as a Restaurant

Click here to sign up to Deliver

We hope to see some of our favorite restaurants in this app soon. Stay Positive, Stay Healthy, Stay Home.

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4 thoughts on “Uber Eats Comes to Rosarito Beach! Hurray!”

  1. That is indeed great news! I’ve been living in Tijuana for the last 10 years and Uber Eats is a way of life in TJ. I just retired so no need to cross the border daily any more so I’m now living in Rosarito. Seeing all of the restaurants suffering and the supposed local equivalent to Uber Eats being pretty much a joke I was shocked and bummed to hear that Uber Eats may have gotten stuck in the political “crossfire” in Rosarito. Your comments are spot on about the multiple benefits to the Uber Eats service. It’s a win for the restaurants, the repartidores and the consumer!

  2. I was really excited about Uber Eats in Rosarito.
    I put in my Rosarito address, yet Mexico City comes up.
    I clicked the Tijuana link, but don’t see any local places even 30 minutes away.

    This would be so great if we had this. it is a true win-win for all.

    1. Hello Susan!
      Thank you for your comment! Yes, we all agreed that this will help local restaurants, this is such great news on these crazy times! Have a great day!

  3. I don’t see that it’s available for my location in Colonia Santa Lucía, Rosarito. Do you have any information as to when that might be available in our area?

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