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Spanish Classes with Erendira Abel

Erendira Abel, an experienced University and Community College Instructor and Corporate level Trainer in the United States met with Kanoa and shared her teaching experience in a friendly interview to Rosarito Living. 

Teaching Spanish in Rosarito Beach Area

Erendira is fluent in Spanish, for that reason, American expats ask her to help them learn to communicate in Mexico in a way they can understand better so they can practice every day and talk with the local people without any complications with the language barrier. 

Natural Approach to Learn Spanish

Learning a foreign language is complicated, but with Erendira’s way, Spanish is easy to learn if you focus on learning the language, rather than the grammar rules. With this natural approach, you will be able to speak, to understand and you can finally talk with your lovely friends.

Erendira loves to teach and help people and she always will be ready when you decide to learn Spanish, if you are interested in taking Spanish classes in a practical way, please give her a call.

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