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Security & safety in Rosarito with Darrell Graham

Security and Safety is one of the hottest topics for us here in, so we got with Darrell Graham, one of the people with more experience and knowledge when talking about Rosarito Beach. He’s been coming down to Rosarito since 15 years ago so he can be considered almost an expert! so we asked him what he feels is Rosarito’s status in regards to this topic.

Darrell: “It’s one of my favorite topics to talk about, because a lot a of people like my friends, my family, my clients, everybody wants to talk to me because they know I live down here, and they are thinking of moving or just come to visit me and they want to know how it looks like. A lot of them are scared to come down here and I think that is completely unfounded and want people to know that it’s ok to come and visit me and ok to come and buy property down here, live here and find the lifestyle that I found here” 

Darrell worked for more than 30 years as a policeman in the United States in Ridgemont, one of the most violent cities of California, so he knows about dangerous places, and every time people ask him if he is not afraid he tells them “No, I have a wife and a daughter, I wouldn’t be here putting them in danger if I thought it was like that” there were days and nights back in Ridgemont when he felt more in danger than any day he’s been living here in Rosarito. 

We can’t lie, just like every other part of the world, you can be affected by crime, and all the stuff that the media portray about the insecurity in Mexico is just very subjective. If you use your common sense and don’t mess with shady people you should be more than fine living in Rosarito Beach. So in words of Darrell, “Don’t be afraid to come here, and discover one of the best lifestyles that Mexico can offer”

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