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Rosarito Beach Mexican Red Cross - Preventive measures before COVID-19


Due to the current situation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, at Playas de Rosarito Mexican Red Cross we have decided to take the following measures to consider, this in order to prevent the spread of the virus:

The only access that will have in our delegation will be through the reception area, however, an intercom with a camera included where the receptionist will give access to the patient and 1 family member was installed on the outside door.

(The receptionist will ask the reason for the visit to our institution and in case of being a respiratory problem, a small questionnaire will be asked, in case of presenting symptoms of COVID-19, you will be asked for isolation in your home and contact the health secretary the state)

When entering a patient with their family member, they must use antibacterial gel, which is located outside the reception in the registration area, so that our visitors have easy and quick access.

The board of directors of the Rosarito Red Cross with instructions from the national headquarters has decided to temporarily cancel all events for more than 10 people. (Collection kick-off breakfast, boating, rescue area courses and fundraising events).


All personnel within the hospital area must change their clothes in the decontamination room and put on the filipina, which is washed and disinfected in the same facilities.

When caring for a patient, you should wear gloves and a mask.

The entire hospital area will be continuously cleaned with chlorine.

(Stretchers, floor, instruments, entrance plates …)


Paramedical personnel follow a strict security protocol, defined by the national relief coordination, which indicates to go to all services with mouth covers, goggles and latex gloves.

Cleaning procedures for medical instruments and ambulances are carried out after each pre-hospital care service.

If you request an ambulance to the 911 emergency number, a security protocol will be carried out by our C-4 dispatcher, who performs a question procedure to collect more information on suspected cases of COVID-19.

In the event of receiving a report from a patient with symptoms similar to COVID-19, the numbers of the Secretary of State Health will be notified and the patient will be recommended to remain in his home in isolation.

We inform the public that at the Playas de Rosarito Mexican Red Cross we do not perform COVID-19 tests, the only institution approved to carry out this test is the Secretary of Health of the State of Baja California.

Rosarito Beach Red Cross
Preventive Measures Before COVID-19

In case of presenting symptoms related to COVID-19, you should stay at home in isolation and call the numbers

(664) 108 2529

(686) 304-8048

(646) 239 0955

(646) 947 5408

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