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NOT Wearing a Face Covering in Public???

Kanoa and Luis interview Dr. Manuel Ceja, a Rosarito Beach Doctor, on the importance of wearing face coverings to avoid spreading the virus during the current outbreak of COVID-19.

We want to point out that wearing a homemade or cloth mask does not mean that the public should stop hygienic practices such as washing hands, keeping physical distance and staying home when ordered to. 

Last week the World Health Organization advised the general public that surgical masks should be reserved for medical professionals, while the public should use mainly cloth or home-made face coverings. They also noted that masks don’t necessarily protect the person wearing them, but rather are aimed at slowing the spread of the virus by sick people.

Click here to read an article published by Reuters

Here are the topics covered in today’s interview: 

1:44 – Is this virus real? Because some people are still not believing in it
4:05 – Is “prevention” a better way to deal with this outbreak?
10:56 – How is the virus being transmitted?
11:50 -If people wear a face covering, does it prevent the spreading of the virus?
13:24 – What is the advice in case people are not wearing a face-covering?
19:11 – Comparison of countries that were advised to wear a mask vs the ones that were not
25:05 – CDC recommends everyone to voluntarily wear masks in public
32:54 – New guidance on masks in public
40:34 – Other people, like Joe Rogan, recommend wearing a mask in public
40:58 – People thinking out of the box (hilarious!)
44:25 – We do what we can to spread the word, not the disease!
47:53 – How to contact Dr. Manuel Ceja
48:52 – Boosting your immune system

If you absolutely need to leave your house, we’re asking you to stay safe out there and wear a face-covering, as well as follow the hygienic procedures such as washing your hands, avoid making contact with others and avoid touching your face if you have made contact with areas that could possibly contaminate your hands. Stay Positive, Stay Healthy, Stay Home!

Dr. Manuel Ceja

+52 (661) 100-6334

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1 (760) 203-2227 | U.S.

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