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Mexico Immigration Services with Erendira Abel

Kanoa talks with Erendira Abel from Baja Expats Services about the immigration services she offers to foreigners moving to Mexico.

Helping people to be legal in Mexico is one of Erendira’s goals. The services that Erendira offers, are very personalized, it means that she will be with you from the very beginning.

Immigration Services Process

The process starts with an initial consultation where Erendira will help to determine your best option and timeline based on your goals, needs, and circumstances. Erendira walks through the whole process, does all the documentation and she is available for her clients to go with them to their appointments, andanswer any important questions.

Sometimes, getting the Mexican Visa is not easy if you decide to do the process for your own, with Erendira, you will be sure that you’ll get your visa approved on your first visit to the Mexican Consulate.

To make the process easy for you, Erendira gives her clients a specific checklist with exactly what you need to put together, reducing all the stress, making the whole process an easy way to be legal in Mexico.

Also, Erendira helps her clients with the interviews, she coached them in what to do, what to say and not say so, this means you will be calmed in those interviews with the Mexican Consulate People. All communication you will receive from the Mexican Immigration will be translated.

Baja Expat Services

If you have questions or want to set an appointment to get the Mexican Visa with Erendira Abel, make sure you send her an email to

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