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Making Healthier Choices - Interview With Rosarito Beach Chef Aldo Arias

Kanoa interviews Chef Aldo Arias about his background in the kitchen, his knowledge about food preparation and the importance of making healthy choices

Aldo Arias has lived in Rosarito Beach all his life, he went to Culinary School to become a Chef and has experience in French, Italian and Mexican food preparation, he’s also an expert on healthy food preparation.

Chef Aldo started his passion for food when he was around 5 years old. His father owned a restaurant, and he was fascinated by that life. He spent his whole weekends there with his family. After that, he worked at a bar for 12 years. He then decided to move into actual food preparation.

To become a Chef one not only needs to study. You got to spend years cooking and making a name for yourself, going up in the kitchen’s ranks starting from the bottom, and that’s what Aldo did. During all those years of studying and practice, he discovered that Mexican cuisine was what he liked the most and decided to focus on it and develop his own style.

After that, he worked for Sanoviv Medical Institute for 4 years, which let him have experiences about the importance of making food choices to avoid several diseases and improving our lifestyle and even our life expectancy.   

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