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La Jolla Excellence Villas with Zinnia Quezada

Kanoa and Zinnia talk about the activity going on in La Jolla, and the new villas inventory in La Jolla Excellence.

Zinnia Quezada: I believe that the villas are like the jewel that’s not been found yet, I just know they’re gonna take off and I think that is a unique product, there’s not another product like that here in the coast; they are oceanfront villas that you can drive up to, with a two-car garage and there are right on the ocean, they are fully upgraded and they are on a sandy beach.

-Tell us a little bit more about La Jolla Excellence

La Jolla Excellence I think it’s their sixth oceanfront project, by DECASA they’ve been doing here oceanfront projects for 31 years, they’re the most successful and let me put it this way, over the 14 or 13 years and a half that I’ve been doing this, out of all my sells 72% of my buyers have bought into either a La Jolla Del MarLa Jolla RealLa Jolla Excellence or La Jolla de Rosarito, we have never had an unhappy client.

I do believe that that is the best product, what gives you the most value for your dollar and I base it on my clients decision for sure.

The amenities is the best thing about La Jolla Excellence not only does it have beach access all year round, it has adult pools, kids pools, a theater, inner pool’s, jacuzzis, gymnasiums, courts to play tennis, to play basketball, it has a running trail, and restaurant bar that’s going to cater to the rooms and other facilities as well.

La Jolla Excellence is located in the best location in Rosarito, because its 4 minutes outside of downtown, it’s away from the traffic but still 4 minutes away from all the restaurants, the banks, pharmacies, the nightlife and also they do have a beautiful sandy beach all year round.

-How many towers are there in La Jolla?

They will be a total of 9 towers, La Jolla Excellence is 5 towers, La Jolla Del Mar 2, La Jolla Real 2, and on the first two developments they only did 10 villas, which flew immediately, now we have around over a 100 villas in the new project.

The villas are doing incredibly well in their pre-sales, so if you are looking to get into this project or consider it, you definitely want to be giving us a call right now.

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