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La cocina de Doña Esthela with Rosarito Beach Dr. Manuel Ceja

Kanoa talks with Rosarito Beach Dr. Manuel Ceja about La Cocina De Doña Esthela, a restaurant in Ensensada

La Cocina De Doña Esthela is a restaurant hidden between Ensenada and the Guadalupe Valley, few knew about it 6 years ago, but now it’s a very popular place.

Dr. Manuel Ceja took Kanoa to this restaurant, which now has waiting lines of about 1 hour or 2, just to get inside the restaurant. But the wait is worth it! because the food is delicious and the portions are big, you can taste a lot of authentic Mexican dishes with homemade flour tortillas, their specialty is “Borrego Tatemado” ( Roasted Lamb), so make sure to order it if you decide to visit this restaurant.

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