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Knowing Your Property Rights With Rafael Solorzano

Rafael Solorzano is an attorney from Tijuana.  In this video, he talks about his background in the area and the changes he has seen.  He discusses real estate property laws, how they have changed over time and what that means for property owners.  He also discusses landlord tenant rights as well as Airbnb and rental taxes.

Rafael is passionate about real estate law and sharing the information he has gathered over the years with others.

In this video, you can find the following topics:

07:15 – Why Fideicomiso, Why Mexicans should have a trust?

22:45 – Do I need a will and estate planning?

29:50 – Can a Fideicomiso hold multiple properties?

39:00 – Lease land

47:00 – Peso exchange, did you record the right value of your property?

51:00 – Membership contracts

1:03:00 – Property lease information

1:09:00 – Never withhold rent payments

1:15:00 – No contract or receipts?

1:19:30 – Lack of industry oversite

1:28:00 – Bank recommendations for Fideicomisos

1:45:00 – Airbnb and rental taxes

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