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Dr. Manuel Ceja talked about his services in the Rosarito Beach Area

This time, Kanoa interviewed Dr. Manuel Ceja, a specialist in sports medicine, corrective training and sports nutrition and also is a chiropractor that helps people to get in shape and stay healthy.

What kind of people will be helped with these treatments?

Basically, the people who are involved in physical activity, people that practice sports, individual sports or team sports or to all the people who are active. Also, Dr. Manuel Ceja is helping people over the 40’s year old people, people to want to lose weight and improve their health and wellness.

KineSys treatment.

The treatment is focused on help people to improve their physical performance or just treating them from a special condition or injury. Living in Rosarito, could be a great opportunity to be active, we have a lot of activities that the physical activity is essential and gain a better life quality, and because of that, the people need a correct way to do their activities correctly without getting pain in their bodies. Also, KineSys is specialized to help in the knee, back and shoulder problems.

What is the process to get involved in the KineSys treatment?

The first step is to schedule an appointment where you can meet Dr. Manuel Ceja and talk about your activation background and everything that your health is involved and find the way that you will be work on this treatment. Then, you can be evaluated in an assessment of your full body to find exactly what your problem is.

After the assessment, normally Dr. Manuel Ceja designed an exercise program or a corrective training trying to solve from the root of the problem you have or work specifically in your goals, like lose weight, solve your other injuries like your backache, arthritis or just to improve your life quality.

KineSys treatment goals.

Exercise is a powerful activity to stay healthy, so KineSys treatment is the best way to get active and always encourage every day on focus on your wellness as your life quality.

Dr. Manuel Ceja

+52 (661) 100-6334

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  1. Elizabeth Vasquez

    I saw the advertisement on RosaritoLiving.Com and would like a consultation for disc degeneration and hormone replacement.
    Thank you

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