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Gorgeous Women Of Baja - Interview With Chuck Smith

Kanoa talks talks with Chuck Smith, the photographer behind Gorgeous Women Of Baja calendar Project

Chuck Smith is the person behind the”Gorgeous women of Baja” calendar. A project developed over the years by him that celebrates the beauty of mature women and their femininity, through their stories and experiences with artistic photography!

This project has the objective of breaking the stereotypes of society by showing how beautiful a matured body can be, and to let this wonderful ladies share their stories with everyone.


01:20 Introduction

02:40 Getting to know the project

14:03 Breaking the stereotypes of beauty

23:45 Powerful stories that need to be told

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1 thought on “Gorgeous Women Of Baja – Interview With Chuck Smith”

  1. Elisabeth Lehrer

    I so enjoyed this interview! Well done!!! It was fascinating to hear how Chuck was able to create these amazing calendars, his perseverance, consideration and the kindness he showed to the models. I count myself so fortunate to have been one having had my life recently shattered by the sudden death of my partner, Koert.

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