FRAO Member Cards

FRAO – NEW Member Cards For Rosarito Foreign Residents

NEW F.R.A.O. Member Cards For Rosarito Foreign Residents

Alexander & Gabriela of F.R.A.O. Present the new Member Cards For Foreign Residents in Rosarito

The all-new F.R.A.O. (Foreign Residents Attention Office) member cards are here, to allow foreign residents of Rosarito Beach to feel more at ease with their legal status in Mexico among other benefits.

This is an important step for F.R.A.O., it took them some time to get approval from the government. The best of this is that they are issued FOR FREE, and will only cost $1 USD if you want to laminate it.

The main objective behind this cards is to help the foreign residents of Rosarito prove that they are not visitors, or as a connection to F.R.A.O. in case they need some assistance with immigration questions in case they are asked by a police officer about their legal status in Mexico


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