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Finding "Balance" in Baja with Claudia, Kanoa & Lui

Kanoa and Luis interview Claudia Pierce regarding finding balance during these times, especially with all the news regarding COVID-19 in the Rosarito Beach Area.

Claudia shares with us her top recommendations to practice some stress relief meditation, like breathing, to find that inner peace many of us need at the moment.

Luis brought information regarding the resources provided by the government in case anybody needs mental health assistance, in case of an emergency please call 911, and if anybody needs to chat with a mental health professional, the state’s psychiatric institute are attending people via phone and chat.

Click Here for more information about the Psychiatric Institute of Baja California

These are the topics discussed with Claudia in today’s video: 

00:49 – How are you handling the current situation? 
03:36 – Do you have a morning routine that you can recommend us to do? 
05:52 – How do you clear your mind from all the negative news/media? 
11:37 – Is this nature’s way to tell us to slow down? 
17:00 – A great time to reconsider your motivations 
25:31 – Things you can do to stay calm
38:20 – Resources for mental health assistance by the government 

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