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F.R.A.O. Explained! With Alexander Magnum & Gabriela Sotelo

Rosarito Beach F.R.A.O. Explained! With Alexander & Gabriela

Our good friends from F.R.A.O. gave us a great explanation about what they do and why is important for you to know

Alexander Magnum & Gabriela Sotelo give an explanation about What is F.R.A.O. (Foreign Residents Attention Office) It’s functions and the projects in Rosarito that they are involved in.

F.R.A.O. was created because of the increasing number of foreign residents moving to Rosarito Beach in search of the Rosarito lifestyle. Their primary function is to help anyone wanting to live here to become part of the community as a legal resident and then helping them to overcome other domestic problems that may arise as a community.

Their office is located on the first floor of the municipal building of Rosarito Beach, in room 108. So if you or a friend are legal foreign residents or want to become one, don’t hesitate to contact them at their office, they’ll gladly help you with! for more contact information click the link below.


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