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Enelmar Restaurant in Baja Pro, 2019

Enelmar restaurant – interview

Enelmar is a new restaurant in Rosarito Beach, they are the new kids in the block and they have a very interesting concept of making everything as in-home as possible.

They produce their own craft beer, their own home bakery, and even their own coffee roasters to accompany the pastries! everything in a very comfy and relaxing environment just in front of the beach

Enelmar is located just next to the famous Tapanco restaurant, right around its corner. They serve breakfast, fine dining and bar style appetizers and their menu is a mix between Mexican and Mediterranean food, all of their ingredients are locally obtained, and they are very proud of it, for example, they get most of their vegetables from a farm in Ensenada.

So if you want to try to get a nice breakfast, dine with friends or just have a good time enjoying a nice local brewed beer with a nice view of the ocean, Enelmar is an option you should consider.

They are open from 8 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Sunday and only close on Tuesday!

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1 (760) 203-2227 | U.S.

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