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Dialing in Mexico will Become Simpler in August, 2019

Making phone calls in Mexico will become less complicated next summer with the implementation of a simplified dialing system. First announced by the Federal Telecommunications Institute 7 , the new system will standardize phone numbers, making them all 10 digits long. Starting August 3, dialing to phone number in Mexico will only require the input of 10 digits, whether the call is local or domestic long distance or connecting to a landline or mobile phone.

The prefixes being phased out include the 01 entered before long-distance calls or non-geographical numbers (01-800 numbers), and 044 and 045, used to make local and long-distance calls to a mobile phone from a landline. A long-distance call from abroad to a mobile number in Mexico will no longer need the number 1 before the area code. The new updated system also means that IFT guarantees equal phone number availability for all telecommunications services providers. 

The agency said the system will allow for a more streamlined and standardized dialing procedure. Until August 2019 will enter new telephone dialing! It will be until August 3, 2019 when the new dial-up to cell phones and long-distance numbers becomes effective, with this, it will be homologated to 10 digits in the country and the way of making calls will be simplified.  Click here to see Milenio Blog Post. 

According to information from the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (Ifetel), as of that date the 01 will be eliminated for calls to non-geographic numbers and national long distance calls, as well as the 044 for calls from landlines destined to national mobile numbers. in the modality “the caller pays”. Likewise, 045 will be no longer used for national long distance calls from fixed lines to domestic mobile numbers in the “calling national pay” modality, and digit 1 in international long distance incoming calls to mobile numbers in the modality “the caller pays”.

With the new Fundamental Numbering Technical Plan, it is sought to implement a 10-digit uniform dialing at the national level, guaranteeing the availability of numbering to all Telecommunications Service Providers. As well as simplify and standardize the marking procedures, and carry out a more efficient administration of the numerical resources and simplify the applicable procedures and implement electronic procedures. In addition, the new plan establishes the obligation to use the session initiation protocol (SIP) for the interconnection through the Internet Protocol, and to adapt the formats for the exchange of signaling information between public networks of telecommunications, as a result of the implementation of 10-digit uniform dialing. 

We recommend: Operators now give more text messages and Mb for the same price: Ifetel will also allow a more efficient administration of the signaling resources and simplifies the applicable procedures and implements electronic procedures. With the modification of the Numerical Portability Rules, we seek to address the changes that result from the issuance of the new Numbering and Signaling Plans.

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