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KNOW BEFORE YOU GO - Near Real-Time Border Crossing Cameras

Please select a border crossing location below​ and its mobile app use patented video technology to provide what no other source can–trustworthy border crossing information for San Ysidro and Otay in both video and text formats. With 24/7 near real-time videos, you can compare options and then decide when and where to cross and what route to take to save the most time.


  • Over 40 videos of the San Ysidro & Otay Mesa crossings – Standard, Ready, SENTRI, Entering Mexico, & Pedestrian – so you can see where the border line ends.
  • Southbound videos for the 905 and the 5/805 merge, showing which freeway has a shorter line.
  • Trustworthy wait time estimates based on video analytics – helpful if you’re not familiar enough with the crossings to understand the videos.
  • My Favorites gives you one-click navigation to the videos you use most often.
  • My Alerts notifies you when the border meets your crossing criteria, for example, “Tell me when the San Ysidro Ready Lane is less than 20 minutes long”
  • Allow push notifications to inform you of major border delays.
  • Website and app are easy to navigate and completely bilingual.

While crossing the world’s busiest border will never be completely stress-free, certainly removes most of the unknowns and lets travelers relax, confident that they have round-the-clock access to the trustworthy information needed to avoid wasted time and ensure the most efficient trip possible every time. App user, Marie Acosta, agrees, “What an incredible app! I’ve lived my whole life in Tijuana and nothing helps like this.”

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