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Blues Against Hunger Society - Rosarito Beach Charity With Sixx & Rachel Pack

Blues Against Hunger Society, music & food for kids

Sixx & Rachel Pack talked with us about Blues Against Hunger Society, their charity organization dedicated to the promotion of Blues and food collection to help kids in need all around Baja.


The organization was established in 2013 in San Felipe and was brought to Rosarito 2 years ago. Since then, they have been organizing events to collect food and personal use items for kids in need all around the Rosarito Beach area while promoting the Blues music they love so much.


They have collaborated with lots of amazing musicians from all around Baja, and even other parts of Mexico and the U.S.A. 


If you want to get involved with the organization you can become a member or just assist to their events and donate or buy some of their merchandise. To know more about them follow the link below.

Buying or Selling in the Rosarito Beach Area? Call Us!

1 (760) 203-2227 | U.S.

52 (661) 688-1222 | MX

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