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Baja Mail Services with Karen Pruett

Baja Mail Services, one of the best options mail and delivery in Rosarito Beach

Karen Pruett and Luis Soriano, talked about the mail services on the Rosarito Beach Area in an interview.

Luis Soriano: Hello everybody, this is Luis Soriano, from and today I’m here with Karen Pruett from Baja Mail Services, she has a mail service that brings stuff across the border from the U.S. to Mexico, which is a problem that a lot of people have, when they move to Mexico, they wonder what to do with their mails.

Karen Pruett: Exactly and in fact, most people don’t even realize that you don’t get mail in Mexico unless you have some type of a service like this, I mean mail is not delivered to individual homes.

Luis: So let me ask you, how long have you been in Rosarito?

Karen: I have been here since August of 2015, and my business started in April of 2016.

Luis: And you’re established here? Do you have a storefront? Where are you located?

Karen: The location of my office is in just outside La Mision, they called it Santa Anita, just past La Fonda on the free road and that’s where we have our boxes and we also do home delivery. Home delivery was kind of an usual thing that just sort of occurred, because I was trying to get my business off the ground, and I actually had a few people that wanted to start the renovation in my office that weren’t complete and I was like, well, how about we deliver to you so, that’s when I started doing home delivery. Home delivery is actually at least 50% of my business now.

Luis: What do you think are the challenges from people moving from the States to Mexico to for them to get delivery of their packages from Amazon and all their services?

Karen: Well I mean it’s true that a lot of people want to shop with prime and they want to shop with Amazon and Walmart and Home Depot
and I don’t blame them, and we do encourage them to shop locally because really I mean we want to support the local businesses as well, but if it’s just something that they can’t get anywhere else, we understand that we encourage them to have sizes of boxes that are let’s say 600 cubic inches which are about a shoe box, so if they could try to keep them that size, we have gotten a storage unit on the other side of the Otay Border where larger items can be received and they can either be brought back by that person if it’s just too large for us to bring back, or we have some moving companies that we’ve used before and I’m sure if we can get them some contacts so they could bring back on a refrigerator that they can’t get here or something like that.

Luis: Right, you can always visit Rosarito to see all of the moving services that we have listed in there. So Karen, let me ask a question, what do I need to do to sign up for your service?

Karen: Basically, we have an email that is and is just simple, you can also dial to the Magic Jack number 503-766-3149 and leave us a message there and you can also contact us through our Facebook Page, is especially helpful, that’s where we all advertise. I have a website too, but nobody uses, so I’m right there on messenger like Baja Karina they can just go right there, friend me, and then we can start talking about how they could get signed up.

Luis: Can people use this as the physical street address or just as a mailing address?

Karen: Well they can certainly use it as their mailing address as far as getting the VA, the Kaiser, different things like that, it becomes their physical street address. I wouldn’t say that that’s the address, because they may want to have I don’t know where they want to do their taxes for instance, but as far as an address that works for the Federal Government and for medical services and things like that it works well, and also the DMV.

Luis: What makes you different from all the other million services that we have in Rosarito?

Karen: Well, really nobody does home delivery, so that’s our niche and has been our niche as we grew and we deliver right now every Tuesday and Friday, so we deliver twice a week and we deliver clear from Real del Mar to all the way down to Ensenada. So this that I
do have a guy that supports one of my partners who’s a Hispanic guy
and he delivers, he only delivers since not on Fridays, but so, on
Fridays he has a big day because he goes all the way from Real del Mar, all the way down to Ensenada, but he likes driving and it works well for him so we’ve developed a good business in that respect. We don’t charge for medicine, I understand that one of my competitors has recently started charging for medicine, I mean a lot of these customers are on a fixed income and they receive a lot of their meds and the ability for them to live down here is really means they need to be able to get their medicine right you know so I don’t feel like we should be charging for medicine.

Luis: So, what kind of items can you bring across from the US?

Karen: We try not to bring over like electronics and tires, car parts and when it gets pretty excited about some of those things, but beyond that, vitamins I mean there are a few things I try I tell people you know I know that the toilet papers better in the States than it is down here in Mexico possibly, but nonetheless, please don’t order toilet paper and paper towels, because they come in really big boxes but other than that it’s kind of this, I mean I hate to say the sky is the limit but I mean we’ll work it out if it’s something they really need, let’s put it that way between the storage unit and the annex is there’s usually a way.

Luis: Very good, thank you very much Karen, for coming up to visit us and give us all your information. We’re gonna have her contact
information down below in the description and you can also visit
Baja Mail Services Listing on our website. Thank you very much, everybody, have a good day.

If you're planning on buying or selling in the Rosarito Beach Area, please give us a call

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